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Korean Red Ginseng Honeyed Slices (30g X 10packs) By Bulrogeon


Vendor: Hansamin


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Amount: 30g*10pakcs

This authentic Korean red ginseng honeyed slices are made of Korean red ginseng (4-5year old rich Korean red ginseng)that underwent a steaming process and then dried properly after soaking into honey and fructose. Hence, It offers offers unique taste and aroma of its own, you can enjoy the proper taste and smell of red ginseng along with sweet, soft tastes and chewy feeling. Consumers enjoying outdoor sports or travel with a great convenience. Particularly with honey, coupled with red ginseng effect, are good for those being exhausted after exercise, the aged who plays golf, those suffering carsick or airsick, or staying up for study or work, drivers on a journey, or those suffering a chronic fatigue.

Major ingredient and content

100% 4~5 year old red ginseng (70mg/g of saponin, 60% or more solid component, Korean-made) Composition of sugars-Honey with powered Deer Horn: 20%, high density fructose t: 30%, low density fructose: 50%

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