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[Oronia] Blueberry Vitamin C


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[Oronia] Blueberry Vitamin C

Vitamin c : 500 mg
Natural blueberry powder : 70 mg
Lemon extract : 0.2 mg
Rose hips powder : 0.2 mg
Acerola fruit extract : 0.05 mg

What Is Vitamin C
Vitamin c is the most essential vitamin for the health of human body. It is one of the best antioxidant and good fighting agent against various kinds of diseases.

Vitamin c also plays an important role for collagen production, helping for curing injury, and strengthening teeth, gums and bones. As the antioxidant, vitamin c protects our bodies against free radicals, preventing oxidation of cholesterol, and helping vitamin e production. Vitamin c is especially effective for protection against stress. The human body consumes more vitamin c when it gets much stress. It helps to produce norepinephrine which diminishes stress.

Oronia blueberry vitamin c is the premium quality vitamin c supplement strengthened with the natural blueberry extract and various natural ingredients. Blueberry extract contains one of the most superior antioxidant phytochemicals called anthocyanin.

And the natural ingredients such as the extracts of lemon, rosehips and acerola are included which are the excellent sources of natural vitamin c and strong antioxidant elements, and two more natural antioxidant ingredients – rutin and hasperidin are included in oronia blueberry vitamin c.


  • Who enjoys smoking and alcohol
  • Who prefers meats and meat products to vegetables
  • Who gets much stress and are easily tired
  • Who needs strong antioxidant for protection against free radicals, and various diseases

Application & dosage
One pill day


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